Integrated Technical Solutions where we solve your IT requirements

Integrated Technical Solutions is a provider of network connectivity between different computing platforms as well as supporting Microsoft operating systems and office applications. ITS provides solutions to combine

programming, network management, and systems administration for the augmentation of your IT needs.


• Microsoft Access databases ranging from Human Resource information to data acquisition


• Office automation macros and Visual Basic programs to ease the transfer of data into knowledge


• On-site technical assistance with your network infrastructure


• Additions or upgrades to desktops or workstations


• Solutions provided for DSL – VPN connectivity of single users to multiple satellite offices


• Interconnectivity Services to UNIX, Linux, Novell, Microsoft

• Networking of local to remote users, printers, scanners, and other global resources.


• Adding and removing users, directory shares, file access rights, printers, scanners, etc


• Automating daily backup procedures to local and off site facilities


• Direct Internet Access - WEB, Email, Firewall, FTP, and Telnet Setup of an Intranet for in-house dissemination of information 

• Company Internet representation via off-site WEB Hosting Service and a Domain Name registration with WEB Design and Content Presentation


• Network Health Check

If you would like assistance in determining which services or products will fill these and other needs, Integrated Technical Solutions can provide you with the answers.

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